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BRONZE SPONSORS:           Bella Vista Dental     
                                                          Braces By Bradley
                                                          Embree Group
                                                          Geriatrix Consulting
                                                          Kirby's Korner

REGULAR SPONSORS:        Family Life Insurance Company (since 1949).
Call Alex Garza 210-738-3542 or 210-643-9837.  A Nationwide Company.                  

                                 The Wolverines would like to thank the above sponsors for sponsoring our team.                                      Your generous donations allow us  to be successful.

And check out our Max Preps Page:

Wolverines Max Preps


"Cookie" Ibarra from Cookies E-train has been the coach of the Wolverines since the Spring 2014 season.  The Wolverines began practicing the first week in December. If interested in playing for the Wolverines please contact Alex Garza at garzacrew4@yahoo.com.

About the San Antonio Homeschool Wolverines Baseball Team

The San Antonio Homeschool Wolverines is a varsity baseball program for homeschool students. 

We believe homeschool students should have the right to compete for baseball scholarships and recognition.  We strive to provide a team that provides for these goals.

High School level players we are looking for must be:
Homeschool students interested in playing high school varsity baseball that are between the ages of 13 and 19 as of Sept 1 of the school year they will be playing. Players must be certified by parents as 8th grade or older (8th graders may get 5 yrs. of high school eligibility) and in good academic standing.

If you are interested in our High School program contact us at:


San Antonio Wolverines 2015 Game Schedule

Date Game JV W/L Varsity W/L
Feb 2 @ Austin Regents  4pm canceled 6:30pm canceled
Feb 9 @ Cornerstone

4pm W 10-6
Feb 13 @ Comfort 4:30pm Tie 5-5 6pm W 16-9
Feb 17 @ Bandera 5pm scrimmage 7pm W 15-13
Feb 21 N.S. Falcons 

12pm W 7-6
Feb 23 @ Pearsall

7pm canceled
Feb 26 @ TMI Tournament

Feb 26 Harper

12pm L 2-6


6pm canceled

St. Anthony

8pm canceled
Mar 2 @ SACS

6pm W 7-2
Mar 6 @ Judson Tournament

Mar 6 Wagner

10am L 5-8
Mar 6 Hays

5:30pm L 1-3
Mar 7 Cornerstone

10am L 8-9
Mar 7 Judson

1:30pm L 3-12
Mar 10 @ Kerville Tivy

7pm L 2-12
Mar 13 @ Blanco Tournament

Mar 13 Karnes City

2pm W 15-0
Mar 13  Smithson Valley

4pm L 2-11
Mar 13 Jay Highschool, Oklahoma

8pm L 0-7
Mar 14 Marion

12pm W 3-2
Mar 17 @ Bandera

6pm canceled
Mar 19 @ St. Mary's Hall

5pm W 7-4
Mar 21 Houston Mustangs

TBA canceled

Port Aransas

TBA canceled
Mar 24 @ Pearsall 4:30pm W 15-1 7pm L 4-8
Mar 27 @ Natalia 4:30pm W15-2 7pm W 17-4
Mar 30 @ St. Anthony

4:30pm L 3-12
April 7 @ I.S.B.L.

7pm W 13-7
April 9 @ FEAST

5pm W 5-2
April 13 @ Austin St. Andrews 5pm L 4-5

April 14 @ Austin St. Andrews

5pm L 4-15
April 17 @ Austin Hyde Park

7pm canceled
April 20 @ Centex Chargers      (At Belton)

7:30pm canceled
April 22 @St. Mary's Hall

4:30pm canceled
April 23 @ I.S.B.L.

7pm L 3-11
April 24 @ Comfort 4:30pm canceled TBA canceled
April 27 @ Marion 6pm

April 29 @St. Mary's Hall



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